Days of the Week Powerpoint

Days of the Week Powerpoint
Free Days of the Week powerpoint lesson

A Powerpoint slide presentation showing the days of the week.

These Powerpoint Slides are great to use at the start of the day to name the day of the week.

Students begin investigating Time in Kindergarten/Prep/Reception as they name days and sequence events.

How it works: The Powerpoint presentation consists of an introduction slide and a slide for every day of the school week (Monday – Friday). Click on the colourful weekday box at the bottom of the Introduction Slide to jump to the corresponding day.

NSW Curriculum: MAe-13MG – Mathematics Stage 1 – Measurement and Geometry

Time – sequences events, uses everyday language to describe the durations of events, and reads hour time on clocks

FORMAT: pptx – Google Slides, Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint